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Dealer Monitoring
ADM Dealer Maintenance


(1) Add E-NOTIFY® - GoToMyAlarm® - TOTAL CONTROL® services
Allow your Subscribers access to any or all of these services.
Add Your Company As An Additional Insured With Our Liability Insurance Company 
Our Basic Dealer Program Includes One Technician Access I.D.  If You Want More Than One Technician To Use The VRT System, We Highly Recommend Obtaining Additional User I.D.'s. 
While All Dealers are Bound to Our Online Agreement, You May Receive a Lower Rate By Providing Us With a Signed Copy Of The Agreement.
If Your Dealer I.D. is in The 2000 Series, You Will Receive a Monitoring Discount When Your Assume The Payment For The Toll Free Line Your Using, By Completing This Form.
Dealers receive the lowest rates when a signed contract is received.
 Update or Change How Your Pay Your Dealer Account Each Month. 
 Update or Change How May Lines Are Answered At One Time By Our Alarm Receivers. 
 Update or Change How May Times We Call The Premises BEFORE The Police. 
 Update or Change How We Respond to After Alarm Cancel Codes. 
 Update or Change How We Respond to Supervisory or Trouble Signals. 
 Update or Change How We Respond to Late to Test Signals. 
 Update or Change How We Respond to a Failed Communications Alarm. 
 Update or Change How We Answer Inbound Central Station Calls. 
 Update or Change How We Respond to Your Subscribers Alarm Conditions. 
 Add Direct Billing Services to your Dealer Account. 
Request a copy of a voice log of a call through our monitoring center for up to 14 Days after an event. 
Use this form to transfer your accounts into our Alarm Partner program to receive 100% of collected fees after our $8.95 withholding.  We take over all fees for phone line and billing services.  Payments are made monthly and go towards paying off any outstanding debts first.
Request Support to perform a special request. 
Request a New DEFAULT CODE For POLICE, FIRE, MEDICAL, GUARD or DEALER to Be Considered An Authority. 
Use this form to cancel your entire American Digital or Alarm Partner Dealer Account. 


"Don't know why I didn't switch my monitoring center sooner" - Stan R. - Miami, FL .......... "I have now referred several of my associates in the industry to ADM" - Jerry F. - Eugene, Ore .......... "I started with their TEST DRIVE, then switched all my accounts into ADM" - Terry R. - Huston, TX .......... "Moving my accounts was done fast and easy with their free data loading" - Danny G. - Sand Point, ID. .......... "I save over $23,000 a year on the same service I received from my previous center" - Edward E. - Trenton, NJ ......... "Operators are very courtious and very fast"- Phil R. - Charolette, NC .......... "I was tired of paying high rates for my wholesale monitoring. Switching was fast and easy" - Jan G. - San Antonio, TX ..........





In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,

Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.       

Nationwide Licensing

Alabama 944165  Alaska*  Arizona*  Arkansas*  California ACO6923  Colorado 1042146  Connecticut * Delaware 796477048077   Florida EF20000708 Georgia EF20000676   Hawaii*   Idaho A362ID  Illinois 67181018  Indiana 0000493  Iowa*  Kansas*  Kentucky*  Louisiana*  Maine*  Maryland 107-1655  Massachusetts*   Michigan*   Minnesota 38970712  Mississippi*  Missouri* Montana*    Nebraska*  Nevada 2010056895713  New Hampshire*  New Jersey*  New Mexico*  New York*  North Carolina*  North Dakota*  Ohio*   Oregon*  Pennsylvania* Rhode Island*  South Carolina*  South Dakota*  Texas *B16900  Utah*  Vermont*  Virginia *F1830608  Washington *601752286  West Virginia*  Wisconsin*  Wyoming* (*Designates Not required or In "Process. ) 

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