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Dealer Monitoring

 American Digital Monitoring® 

Our Mission

American Digital Monitoring®  had provided complete Dealer care, offering wholesale UL listed alarm monitoring services to professional alarm dealers in the United States and Canada since 1968.  Our mission over the last 45 years has been to provide each of our dealers, large or small, the most comprehensive monitoring services with the most advanced products and technology available anywhere at the most competitive rates.  

American Digital Monitoring®  dispatch centers are fast and efficient in all areas of emergency response and we pride ourselves on the ability to handle any situation, no matter how difficult with consistent professionalism and courtesy.  While our primary mission is always to protect people and property, it also requires a customer service attitude to properly interact with the local authorities our dealers and their subscribers.  

American Digital Monitoring®   knows in the alarm business, dealers work hard to attract and develop their customers, and we never forget that each of our dealers have placed their trust in us by placing their valued customers in our care. That is why we believe it is better to train our personnel as caring customer service representatives, with security in mind, instead of the industry standard of unapproachable dispatchers with "telephone security guards" attitudes.   

American Digital Monitoring®  has also been a leader in creation and development of exclusive products unique to the alarm industry.  While each product developed could easily and generously enhance the alarm industry, these products are only released to our dealers to increase their sales and service potential.  From our first product in 1985, the "50,000 sq. ft. shock sensor" to our "Panel Saver" products "Digital Diverter", "Duel Fire Diverters" and "Internet Diverter" to our next generation of products our "GSM Diverter", we are dedicated to only extending these ground breaking products exclusively to our own dealer network.    

American Digital Monitoring®   even has our own custom central station software has been added to our UL listed DICE alarm monitoring platform.  From allowing a dealer to select any zone or combination of zones required to be tripped over any particular time period before the alarm is even displayed to one of our operators, to the ability of having any or all alarm signals received by a dispatcher and to be retransmitted out to the subscriber in real time, to allow the subscriber the ability to respond accordingly.  We offer automatic Voice Activated Response call back services to our dealers subscribers for low level alarm conditions such as supervisory and trouble signals, to after "no answer calls" continue with automated telephone notification services directly to the alarmed premises and its key holders, offering a 'touch any key' automatic central station call back service, providing a 73% increase in false alarm stand downs before the authorities are dispatched.  If for those subscribers that contact the center during or after the authorities are already rolled, our enhanced cancellation service will immediately create a "stand down" ticket to track the contacting and verification of a authority stand down call. 

American Digital Monitoring® takes pride in offering complete conversion services at no charge for any new or existing dealer electing to move its existing subscriber accounts from another location into our central station.  We will assist you the coordination of obtaining the existing data, to its loading into our database and even walk with you through ‘swinging’ any existing local or toll free lines to the remote programming of any individual subscriber accounts, all at no charge.  

American Digital Monitoring® has been supporting alarm dealers and their subscribers for over 45 years.  So, regardless if you are new to the alarm industry this year or have cultivated hundreds or even thousands of subscriber accounts over the years,   you can rest assured that you and your subscribers will be treated and supported as if you and your subscribers are our oldest and most important customers.